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united kingdom

4000 Days

a rich performance from Daniel Weyman as Paul, a character who morphs and reflects — and regrets
— Fiona Mountford. Evening Standard
He remembers nothing about Paul, his partner for the past ten years, whose hurt, confusion and understanding are sensitively conveyed by Daniel Weyman.
— Paul Taylor, The Independent
He sets his partner free to take a second chance (Weyman handles this sequence beautifully), thereby perhaps changing it from the one Carol had in mind.
— Paul Taylor, The Independent
Weyman is very touching.
— Sarah Hemming, The Finacial Times
Daniel Weyman nicely calibrates the character’s tactile niceness so that it conveys an oppressive neediness too.
— Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph
Daniel Weyman conveys Paul’s mix of affection and guilt.
— Michael Billington, The Guardian
Daniel Weyman helps this production to flare into life.
— Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard